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First Responder Yoga




How Can Yoga Help?

"Researchers suggest that yoga has been around for over 10,000 years.. It has evolved over time and branched out, but it still holds many of the core values. The word "yoga" means "to join or unite," and its focus is on finding unity with your mind, body, and soul.

So how does this relate to us as first responders?


Working within trauma and chaos like we do has an impact. You may notice it more in one area than another, but it affects your balance. The goal is to bring that balance back. 


That is what brought me to yoga. A very patient teacher/friend taught me to modify yoga to make it my own. I can bring anything to the mat, leave it there, or improve on it. 


I can RELAX on days I need some extra quiet, am feeling sore, or want to add some meditation. I can RELEASE on days I'm worn out from work, my anxiety or stress is higher, or need to clear my head before work. I can REVIVE on the days I want an extra pick me up, to let go of a hard call, or first thing in the morning. I even use little things while on shift to help being stationary: Breath work, throw in a standing pose or two, paying attention to how I sit, etc. That is my yoga. 

Check out HTH yoga. Find something that will work for you. Create your yoga. Something to help you where you need it. You will love to see/feel your progress. Change up the classes, branch out to look for others. Reach out if you have questions or thoughts!"

- Kiersten Anders, HTH Team

What Do I Need?

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