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Saturday School

Welcome to Saturday School! Each episode is between 1-2 minutes and provides a little insight into the world of 9-1-1.  From why we do what we do, ask what we ask, with a bit of lingo thrown in for good measure, these educational clips are perfect to share on your personal or professional social media pages!  Is there something you'd like us to cover?  Let us know!

Episode 1: What Info Does 911 Need?

Episode 2: Safely Frying Turkeys

Episode 3: The Infamous Pizza Code

Episode 4: Panic Attacks

Episode 5: What is Narcan?

Episode 6: What is a 5-Alarm Fire? MABAS

Episode 7: Does the Full Moon Really Affect People?

Episode 8: Febrile Seizures

Episode 9: The Importance of Emergency Contacts

Episode 10: Facts on Domestic Violence

Episode 11: Your Disconnected Cell Phone Can Still Dial 9-1-1!

Episode 12: Why We Recommend Aspirin

Episode 13: About 9-1-1 Open Lines & Hangups

Episode 14: 10-4: Where Did 10-Codes Come from?

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