Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a resource and outlet for 9-1-1 Telecommunicators, to change the public perception of what our job entails through education and thoughtful discourse, to provide insight into self-care and wellness, and to celebrate, encourage, and uplift all of the wonderful souls in this profession. 


Conduct & Privacy

We understand that politics cannot be avoided.  While the opportunity exists to politicize virtually anything, we will not engage our audience with the intent to display or choose any sides.  Our admin team spreads the political spectrum. We are coworkers, but more importantly we are friends. In both our personal and professional lives, we are able to keep political discussions friendly and professional, even when our opinions and beliefs are polar opposites.  When political conversations arise in comments organically, we will not stifle it; however, when that (or any) conversation turns unfriendly and unprofessional, you are no longer invited to be a member of this page. This is something we have zero tolerance for, be you the aggressor or instigator. We can’t filter through all of our comments, so we will also rely on you to report this to us.  False reports will also result in a ban.


We also understand that some of us have a rather colorful vocabulary.  We do not discourage the use of profanity, so long as it is not directed at or toward an individual or group of individuals at any time and for any reason.  Again, zero tolerance. In all that we do here, let’s always do it with civility.


There are going to be topics of discussion that are uncomfortable and difficult to talk about - some of which may leave you hesitant to participate in fear of retaliation, damaging relationships with coworkers, or even jeopardizing your employment as a whole.  Please don’t let this stop you from offering your thoughts. Message us privately, or email us at info@humanize911.com and we will share your thoughts anonymously. Your privacy is paramount, and the success of this project hinges on our commitment to it, however messages that invoke our duty to act (homicidal or suicidal ideations, threats to harm individuals or groups, as well as threat to damage property) do not fall under that same commitment, as we are required to take appropriate action.  


Finally, if you are struggling and are looking for assistance, please click on the resources tab or contact us immediately.  We will work with you to get the help that you need and deserve.

This site is not monitored 24-hours and is not designed to be a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).  If you have an emergency to report, always dial 9-1-1 or your country’s designated emergency number. 

The HTH logo is trademarked and is the property of Humanizing the Headset.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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