Hello, first responders, and welcome to Humanizing the Headset!

Our mission here is to be a resource and outlet for 911 Telecommunicators, to change the public perception of what our job entails through education and thoughtful discourse, to provide insight into self-care and wellness, and to celebrate, encourage, and uplift all the wonderful souls in this profession.

… and have a little fun along the way.

We’ve got a lot to offer you! Whether it’s our Blog Spot, the ever-popular License Plate Type Code list, our brand-new Podcast, the TC Memorial, etc., we’re always working hard to support and honor our profession with updated resources and content. So, check it out – and come back again real soon because we’re launching our store AND bringing you Yoga in November!

- Brendhan T. Sears


#humanizingtheheadset     #humanize911

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